Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

The Robots Are Coming! 5 Ways They're Changing Your Life

by Becky Freeman

Although our society is still firmly entrenched in the Age of Technology, the focus isn't on computers and other electronic gadgets and devices anymore—it's on robotics. It's probable that our lives will change in ways that seem to be straight out of a science fiction novel in coming years. Robots are performing surgery, changing shape, composing music, and fighting fires, among many other things. Here are just five ways that robots are already changing our lives:

Writing Music

Robots have been composing music for over a decade now, but until recently, their efforts have been, well, rather robotic. Advances in robotic technology have resulted in more realistic robot music—and robots are even beginning to play in  musical groups. What's next, robot rock stars? Oh wait—they may already be here. The French group Daft Punk, winners of five Grammies, dressed as robots to accept the awards as a tribute to the bots who helped them make their music.

Fighting Fires

Robotic fire fighters are big news this year—they're even joining the U.S. Navy! This is excellent news because these robotic firefighters can walk though areas where humans simply can't navigate through no matter how much protective gear they're wearing. They can withstand extremely high heat as well as the chemical-laden atmosphere that's common in industrial fires. These robots will make it easier to save the lives of those trapped in burning buildings as well as to assist in putting fires out more quickly by getting close to the flames and deploying water where other devices can't reach.

Performing Surgery

Robotic surgery may sound like something out of a bad futuristic comic book, but it's becoming more widespread than you may think. Advanced surgical robots are now performing minimally invasive surgical procedures in many modern hospitals. It isn't as far-fetched as it sounds, though—surgical robots are used under the direct supervision of qualified human surgeons. Robotic surgery has many benefits—because it's minimally invasive, it involves shorter hospital stays and recovery times, less scarring, less blood loss, and decreased discomfort. Surgeons like it because it allows them more precision and lets them operate in tight places with more accuracy.

Being Dragons

A robotic dragon recently made the Guinness Book of World Records for being the largest walking robot on planet Earth. Powered by diesel and breathing real fire and spouting fake stage blood, Fanny the dragon robot delights onlookers every year just before Christmas when the German town of Furth im Wald puts on a play that's a 500-year-old tradition in their community. The play is called "Drachenstic" and involves a dragon invasions, spear fights, and all sorts of good fun.

Practicing Law

The jury is still out on whether robotic lawyers have much of a future, but it's likely that they'll take over a great deal of the more mundane aspects of practicing law. They are already doing a great deal of document reviewing and other tasks normally performed by law clerks and paralegals. It remains to be seen, however, if they'll be able to successfully handle more advanced jobs such as acting as trial attorneys.

One thing is for sure: the increased use of robotics in our society will pose significant legal challenges. If two robots write the same music, for instance, will one robot be able to sue the other one for plagiarism? Can you sue a robot for medical malpractice in the case of botched surgery?

The music question remains unsolved as of yet, but there have been many successful cases filed by non-robotic lawyers against medical facilities and private surgeons who have availed themselves of this new technology. If you've sustained harm due as a result of robotic surgery, contact an experienced personal injury attorney for advice. Pop over to this web-site for more information.


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