Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

Three Signs Of Emotional Distress You May Have Following A Personal Injury Accident

by Becky Freeman

Following a personal injury accident, you have the ability to sue the responsible party for your medical expenses and pain and suffering. While the majority of personal injury cases revolve around physical injuries, you also are able to file a claim for emotional injuries. There are many different ways emotional injuries may manifest themselves. Here are three common signs that you may exhibit following a personal injury accident, such as a car accident, if you are suffering from emotional distress.

Depression or Loss of Satisfaction From Life

Depression is a growing issue and being in a car accident can certainly be the cause of it. Following a car accident, you may feel sad or upset about the accident, you may be anxious about money due to an inability to work, or you may have anxiety about driving due to the accident, which is forcing you to not leave your house and go anywhere. If you find yourself having sudden mood changes, feeling down, not wanting to eat, having trouble sleeping, being irritable or just wanting to be secluded, you may be experiencing depression symptoms. Talk to your health care professionals as there are certain things you can try to do to improve depression, such as eating healthier and exercising. If that does not work, medication can be prescribed for you.


After a personal injury accident, you may experience nightmares. Your mind may recreate everything that you were doing at the time of or during impact. More than likely, during your nightmare, you will see the accident happen over and over and hear the sounds, such as tires screeching or metal twisting.  Some people also experience nightmares where they envision things much worse. You may see gruesome injuries or have nightmares about your kids being in the car, even if they weren't. This is because subconsciously you may be thinking what would have happened if they were present or thinking about the worst case scenario in your mind. Talking to a professional following the accident may help you ease some of your nightmares. However, if that doesn't work, your doctor or therapist may prescribe anti-anxiety medications or even sleeping pills to help you get a good night's sleep without nightmares.


The last common symptom of emotional distress after a car accident is anxiety. Following a bad car accident, you may be extremely anxious about driving again or even sitting in a car again. Unfortunately, this can impact your ability to have and live a normal life. You likely rely on a car to go to the grocery store, get to work or perform other day-to-day tasks. If you have extreme anxiety, you may have trouble breathing, have panic attacks or be unable to force yourself into the car. Talking to a professional about your fears and slowly making yourself take short car rides that get slightly longer are two of the best ways to overcome anxiety following a car accident. However, you may always have a slight bit of anxiety and fear indefinitely if the accident was severe.

Being in a car accident takes its toll on the mind and the body. Seeking treatment for both mental and physical injuries will help you to recover from the accident and, at the same time, assist both you and your personal injury lawyer in proving that you are suffering from emotional distress due to the accident that you were involved in. Your personal injury attorney may be able to secure more of a settlement and get you the medical care you need for the future due to the anxiety and emotional distress.


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