Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

The Pros And Cons Of Drawing Up A Will Yourself

by Becky Freeman

Thanks to the Internet, drawing up a will yourself is easier than ever. You have access to the forms and opinions from different lawyer websites and blogs as to what information should be included and not included in a will. However, if you need to put together a will, you may find yourself wondering if doing one yourself is really the best option or if you are best paying for an estate planning attorney to help you. Learning the pros and cons will help you make a decision. Here are a couple of the pros and cons of drawing up a will yourself.

Pros of Drawing Up a Will Yourself

  • It's Cost Effective

One of the advantages to drawing up a will yourself is that it is cost effective. In some cases, you can get the forms for free off of the Internet. In other cases, you may decide to pay a minimal fee to have access to forms that already have legal wording and descriptions in them. Regardless of whether you seek out the papers yourself or buy a DIY will kit, both options are much cheaper than hiring an estate planning attorney.

  • It Can Be Convenient

The second benefit to drawing up a will yourself is that it is convenient. Scheduling an appointment with an attorney, setting aside the time in your schedule, and then driving to the meeting can be time consuming. Drawing up a will yourself allows you to do things at a time that is convenient for you and without ever having to leave your home.

Cons of Drawing Up a Will Yourself

  • Your Will Can Be Thrown Out Or Contested

The major concern and worry with do-it-yourself wills is that they can more easily be contested or even thrown out of court. This is because wills need to contain certain information and wording to be legal and to make it clear what your wishes are. If the language used is not legal or leaves doubt or uncertainty in the minds of heirs or excluded heirs, your will can be challenged. This can be costly to your heirs, who may be left with nothing, or your wishes may be disregarded by the courts altogether.

  • Estate Taxes Can Be Higher

The other disadvantage to do it yourself wills is that the way your property gets distributed can cause estate taxes to be higher. An estate planning attorney does more than ensure that your will is legal. They help to distribute everything in the best possible way to minimize costly estate taxes and financial fees. This leaves your heirs with more, rather than giving away money to the government.

If you need a will drawn up, it is best to either use an estate planning attorney. However, if you have decide that you want to draw your will up yourself, an estate planning attorney can take a look at your will and ensure that everything is legal and there is no way for it to be contested. This is the best way to ensure that your final wishes become a reality. For more information, contact companies like Skeen Law Offices.


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