Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

Three Questions Concerning The Financial Aspects Of Divorcing

by Becky Freeman

Divorcing from your spouse is never an enjoyable experience. However, it can be among the most important things that you can do to allow yourself to start fresh following a failing marriage. There are many financial aspects of a divorce that will need to be considered.

How Will Business Ownership Be Handled?

It can be common for married couples to invest in opening a business together. While this can be a remarkably effective way of earning a living, it can create complications if a divorce becomes necessary. This aspect of divorce will often be settled through negotiations between the two spouses. While this may make you nervous, you should be aware that the courts will attempt to ensure that the assets are divided as evenly as possible, which means you should receive assets of comparable value.

Will You Be Guaranteed To Be Awarded Spousal Support?

In situations where one spouse was the primary earner, it can be stressful for the other spouse, as they may not be sure of how they will be able to support themselves. Fortunately, you should be aware that it can be possible for you to be awarded spousal support. This will be a series of payments that are designed to help you make the transition from being married. The exact terms of these payments as well as the requirements for having them awarded will vary from one state to another, but an experienced divorce attorney will be able to help you understand whether this will be a viable option for your divorce. You should be aware that there will be a time limit for how long you will receive this compensation, but this support can be invaluable for helping you rebuild your life.

Are There Steps That You Should Take To Prepare Yourself Financially For Serving Divorce Papers?

It is common for individuals that are served divorce papers to have negative reactions. This can cause them to lash out and attempt to seek retribution. Often, this will be in the form of attempting to hide assets or money from the marriage. As a result, you must protect yourself against this occurring. An effective way of doing this is to make copies of any account statements. In situations where you are concerned that the other spouse may have already taken these actions, your attorney may recommend retaining the services of a forensic accountant so that the financial records from the marriage can be analyzed for any signs of these assets being hidden or stolen.

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