Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

The Benefits Of Legal Representation When And Where Allowed

by Becky Freeman

Not all court hearings require legal representation. In fact, there are some that require no representation at all. There are a few more where legal representation would be entirely superfluous. Yet, when and where allowed and appropriate, legal representation by a lawyer has several benefits:

Lawyers Can Force Witnesses to Appear

You have no legal power to compel witnesses to come forth and testify. In cases where it would be most beneficial to have people speak on your behalf, the witnesses will not come forward of their own volition. Lawyers can file and serve subpoenas on witnesses in order to strengthen your case and your defense.

Lawyers Can File Extensions and Delay Hearings

Circumstances occur which often prevent people from appearing in court. Lawyers can file extensions that would give you a fairer chance to appear after your circumstances have been addressed. While you could ask a judge to delay your hearing, without a lawyer present it would be up to the judge to decide. Additionally, emergency circumstances, such as a car accident on the way to court, would not prevent your hearing from going forward, nor would it provide an immediate extension. Only your lawyer can manage that.

Lawyers Can Settle Your Case out of Court

You do not have the legal authority to settle your case out of court. There is also a very good chance that you would not know the terminology or the punitive options available to you, which would probably result in things going terribly wrong for you. Your lawyer knows what punishment options are available for the supposed crime(s) you may or may not have committed. As such, he or she can request a lesser sentence if you are convicted, or argue for your release if you are innocent, and accept plea bargains on your behalf.

Appeals Courts Will Rule in the Other Party's Favor If You Are Without Legal Representation

More often than not, if you do not appear with legal representation in appellate court, the judge will vote in favor the other party (especially if the other party has a lawyer or is a lawyer representing someone else's case against you). If you hope to have a fighting chance during appeals, you need a lawyer. The more heinous the charges in your case, the greater the necessity for legal defense. If you cannot hire a lawyer because you cannot afford one, request one via the courts under your Miranda Rights.

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Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

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