Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

3 Tips To Stress-Free Separation With Legal Agreements

by Becky Freeman

Getting separated from your spouse is stressful. Even if the breakup is something that both of you agree on, deciding what to do about property, child custody, and other issues is often difficult. A legal separation agreement is a way for you and your ex-spouse to have everything clear and avoid confusion even if you have informal agreements and mutual understanding. Here are some tips to get things in writing to make separation less stressful than it already is:

1. Understanding What Legal Separation Means and How It Effects Your Rights

The legal separation agreement and filing for divorce are two separate things. If you are legally separated, you are living in different places but are still married. With a legal separation, you are still married but legally separated. This may be an option for some couples that do not want to go through a divorce or because of financial reasons, such as a health insurance policy that still covers a spouse through legal separation but not with divorce. It is important to understand that this will change the legal status of your marriage and may still take as long as filing for divorce.

2. Agreements for Financial Debts and Property with Legal Separations

When you separate and are still married, there are different financial problems that you will have to deal with. With the legal separation agreement, you will have a legal contract for dividing property and debts in a way that is acceptable for both you and your spouse. This is something that will help prevent many of the common disagreements that couples have when they separate. With a separation agreement, you will be able to avoid problems with finances and debts after you separate.

3. Alimony and Custody Agreements with Your Legal Separation Agreement

In addition to debts and finances, there are also other legal issues to deal with. If you and your spouse have children, part of the separation agreement will include custody and visitation arrangements. In addition, some spouses may be entitled to an alimony after separation, which will be included in the agreement. Just like a divorce, many of these issues will be solved with the legal contract, but can also include court settlements when they are needed.

Having a legal separation agreement is a great way to avoid confusion and disagreements that often come with informal or verbal agreements. Contact a separation agreement lawyer to help write the legal documents to ensure that your separation goes smoothly without any more arguments.   


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