Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

3 Things You Are Responsible For Following A Car Accident

by Becky Freeman

Following a car accident, there are a variety of things that you are responsible for taking care of, especially if you want to get a fair settlement for the damage to your vehicle and for your medical bills.

#1 File A Police Report

After you have been in an accident, you need to make sure that you file a police report. If possible, stay at the scene of the accident until the police arrive. Leaving the scene of an accident before the police arrive can result in you getting fined and possibly facing legal action. Even if the other driver leaves the scene of the accident, make sure you wait for the police to arrive so you can file a police report. If for some reason you were not able to talk to the police at the scene of the accident, be sure to follow up with the police to report the accident. Having a police report will help you with your insurance claim and is your duty as a responsible driver.

#2 Get Medical Attention

You are not required by law to get medical attention following an accident. However, it is a smart move to get medical attention after an accident. Getting medical attention will help with your insurance claim. You don't need to take a ride in the ambulance to the hospital; however, you should drop by your local urgent care or emergency room for treatment. When you get treated, make sure that you tell the doctor and that they note on your file that you are there for a check-up because you have been in an accident. Make sure that the doctor checks you carefully for soft tissue injuries, which are one of the most common and hard to detect injuries following a car accident. Immediately establishing a record of medical care will help get the financial assistance you need with paying your medical bills.

#3 Call Your Insurance Company

Finally, you have a responsibility to call your insurance company. Your insurance company expects you to call in a timely manner to report your accident. Waiting too long to contact your insurance company could damage your claim. You don't have to call immediately after your accident, but make sure that you get in touch with your insurance company within a few days of your accident unless you are physically incapable of getting in contact with them. Many insurance companies now allow you to report your accident and start your claim online instead of calling in, making it easier for you to achieve this take.

After a car accident, you are responsible for reporting the accident to the police, getting medical assistance and contacting your insurance company. You should also get in contact with local car accident lawyers. Your attorney can help you with each of these tasks and can monitor your claim and make sure that you get the fair settlement you deserve based on your property damage and medical bills from the accident. 


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