Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

Think About Organ Donation When You Write Your Living Will

by Becky Freeman

Many people have strong opinions about organ donations early in their lives and carry around an organ donor card in their wallet as a result. Other people don't really think about this topic until they're toward the end of their lives and then must evaluate whether organ donation is the right choice for them. You should give this topic some thought, even if you're not elderly or ill, and then hire an attorney to help you draft up a living will. Organ donation is one topic that this important legal document should cover. Before you make up your mind about how to proceed, here are some details to consider.

The Benefits

People sometimes shy away from organ donation because it makes them feel unsettled. For example, a person might not really favor the idea of having his or her organs removed after death. What's important to remember, however, is that you can really help other people through organ donation. If you pass away due to an accident but have certain organs that are perfectly healthy, it's reasonable to believe that your organs may be able to save multiple lives. While you shouldn't consent to being an organ donor unless you feel comfortable with the idea, take some time to learn about the benefits.

Specific Organs

You also have the right to choose which organs you want to donate. Of course, medical professionals will need to assess these organs to determine their overall health and whether it's viable to give them to another patient, but you can have the choice about the organs that you give. For example, certain people have different attachments to certain parts of their bodies for assorted reasons. You might be fine with your kidneys being removed for donation but not want to give your eyes, for example. Whatever preferences you have, your living will is the right place to list them.

Your Family's Wishes

While it's important to remember that you should feel free to specify your wishes as you see fit, many people consult their families about different topics when working on their living wills. Your family may have strong feelings about organ donation one way or another, and it can be worthwhile to hear them. For example, if you're not in favor of organ donation but your parent obtained a new lease on life because of getting an organ, hearing this story in detail may make you feel more compelled to become a donor yourself.

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