Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

Your Company And Labor Lawsuits: 3 Reasons To Hire An Attorney

by Becky Freeman

Employees are a critical component in any successful business plan. Having the right people in each available position ensures that your company will be able to function efficiently and profitably.

There are laws in place that are designed to protect employees against discrimination. If your workers feel that your company has violated these laws, they may band together to file a class action lawsuit against you. The help of an employer attorney who specializes in labor and employment class action suits can be invaluable when you are facing these types of lawsuits.

1. Reduce Litigation Costs

A class action lawsuit poses some unique challenges when it comes to the litigation process. Because there are a number of people listed on the complaint, each employee must be investigated. This takes time and postpones the disposition of your lawsuit.

An experienced attorney will be able to streamline the investigation process to reduce the amount of time it takes to get your case in front of a judge. This reduced preparation time results in reduced litigation costs for your company.

2. Overcome Jury Prejudice

It is very likely that the individuals who sit on the jury in your class action lawsuit will be employees themselves. This poses a challenge when it comes to getting jurors to view your case without prejudice.

Juries in labor and employment lawsuits might already subconsciously side with employees and be non-sympathetic toward employers. Your attorney can overcome this prejudice by building a defense case that addresses all possible points of concern jurors might have as they listen to the facts in your case.

The goal is to present a case that is so solid the jury will have no choice but to dismiss it, and an attorney can help you meet this goal.

3. Reputation Preservation

A labor and employment class action lawsuit against your company could have a negative effect on your reputation within the marketplace. You don't want to lose out on valuable sales because consumers associate your company with wrongdoing.

The help of an attorney can be invaluable when it comes to preserving your reputation.

An attorney can work to ensure that information about the class action lawsuit is kept confidential. By eliminating leaks, your attorney prevents information from being taken out of context by the public and preserves your reputation as an upstanding and quality company to do business with. This element is critical to your ongoing success once the class action lawsuit is resolved.


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Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

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