Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

3 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Birth Injury Attorney

by Becky Freeman

If your family suffered a medical error that resulted in the serious harm or death of your child, then it is crucial that you reach out to a birth injury attorney without delay. Even if you feel overwhelmed by the idea of filing a lawsuit, a birth injury attorney will ensure that your family receives fair compensation for your child's future medical care and other related financial concerns. Finding the right lawyer to handle your claim will require some research on your part, but asking the following questions can help you determine which birth injury attorney has the right experience for your case. 

1) How many birth injury cases has the attorney handled, and what were the final outcomes? 

Knowing how much practical experience the attorney has with actual birth injury cases is an essential factor to consider when selecting your lawyer. You'll need to find an attorney who can give you specific examples of handling several birth injury cases from start to finish. Since birth injury claims are a part of personal injury law, it's very important to choose a lawyer who is skilled in navigating the nuances of these types of cases. Additionally, you should find out how successful the lawyer has been in obtaining positive outcomes for their clients. While most birth injury claims are settled without a courtroom trial, there are still times when a lawsuit will proceed much further. Be sure to ask for the lawyer's ratio of cases that were settled versus tried, and what the verdicts were for each instance. 

2) Who will be working on the team that will handle your case? 

Birth injury claims can be quite complex, so a team of experts often collaborate during a case. If your lawyer will consult a group of professionals for your case, it's a good idea to ask about the members of the team and what role each person will play. For example, a doctor or nurse might review the medical records and notes involved with your case to determine where malpractice may have occurred. Another member of the team will depose witnesses or research issues pertaining to the specific injury. Ask about each person's medical experience and legal background. This will help ensure that you are being represented by a qualified team of professionals. 

3) Have the attorney attended any recent presentations or programs about birth injury law? 

You'll want to choose an attorney who has up-to-date knowledge of birth injury issues. Lawyers who strive to learn more about birth injury law frequently participate in conferences that are presented by experts in the field. These programs include forums and seminars that focus on current trends in medical malpractice and birth injury lawsuits. Find out if the lawyer has attended any similar events in the last year. You may also want to ask if the attorney has ever lectured at a birth injury conference as well. This will indicate the lawyer's authority on the topic and their professional esteem amongst their colleagues. 

After a devastating birth injury, it's difficult to know what step to take next from a legal standpoint. Working with an experienced birth injury attorney can give you the best chances of a successful outcome for your case. 


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