Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

What To Expect During A Consultation With A Wrongful Death Attorney

by Becky Freeman

If a close family member has passed away because of the wrongdoing of someone else, you might be interested in the idea of filing a wrongful death case against the responsible party. If this is true, then you are probably going to want to hire a wrongful death attorney to help you. One of the first steps of working with one of these attorneys is to schedule a consultation; if this consultation is approaching, then you might be curious about what is going to happen during the appointment.

The Attorney Should Be Compassionate

Ideally, because of the sensitive nature of the case that you need help with and because of the fact that you are probably still mourning, you will want to look for a wrongful death attorney who is compassionate, caring, and sensitive to your emotions during the consultation. Luckily, many good wrongful death attorneys are accustomed to helping grieving family members. You may still find the conversation about your loved one's death to be difficult and emotional, but hopefully, the attorney will make things a little bit easier for you during this difficult time.

You'll Need to Provide as Much Information as You Can

Although the conversation might be difficult, you should provide as much information about your loved one's death as possible, and you should talk to the attorney about other sensitive matters, too. For example, your lawyer will need to know about things like how your family has been and will be financially impacted by your loved one's death.

You'll Probably Discuss the Attorney's Legal Fees

Of course, if you're going to hire a wrongful death attorney, you will probably need to expect to pay legal fees. However, there are a few things about this that you will probably discuss with the attorney during your consultation. First of all, they will probably let you know whether or not they charge based on a contingency basis. This is typically a good thing for those who are filing wrongful death lawsuits since it usually means that you don't have to pay any legal fees upfront, and you won't be charged any legal fees if the attorney is not able to help you win your case. You will also probably be told whether or not you will have to pay for expenses while the case is being handled; for example, although you might not have to pay any legal fees, you might be required to pay legal filing fees and other expenses. Additionally, the attorney will talk to you about what percentage of your settlement or judgment that they will receive as their legal fee so that you will be fully prepared.

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