Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

Reasons To Hire A Real Estate Attorney

by Becky Freeman

Purchasing a real estate property is never a perfect process. There are technical issues to navigate and legal issues to manage. While your realtor will help you handle the technicalities, you will need a lawyer to research and resolve all legal matters relating to the property. This post highlights the key ways in which a real estate attorney can improve your property purchase experience.  

Protect Your Rights and Interest 

A real estate lawyer's sole interest is to protect your rights and interest in a purchases deal. Unlike a real estate agent, the lawyer does not have a financial interest in the agreement. Instead, the lawyer only works for you to ensure that the interests prevail rather than the deal. Therefore, the attorney will scrutinize the contract to ensure it covers your rights and negotiate a reasonable price for you. Besides, the real estate attorney will stick with you after closing the deal. For instance, they can renegotiate or start a litigation process if they discover hidden environmental or structural issues not included in the sale disclosure form. You may not know what will happen during and after the purchase, but you can safeguard your interest by hiring a real estate attorney. 

Ensure the Transaction Is Legitimate

Several legitimacy issues may crop up during a real estate purchase property. For instance, a cheap commercial property may have hidden tax debt. Then, there may be some liens on the property due to an ongoing court dispute. At times, a deceitful seller may try to sell you a property using forged documents. Whichever the case, you can rely on the services of the real estate attorney to discover any legitimacy issues relating to the property. Your attorney will conduct a thorough background check on the property and pre-existing owners. This way, they can inform you of existing liens, debts, and court cases for wise decisions. 

Know the Legal Issues on Land Property

If you have ever purchased land, you understand that many legal issues crop up during the transaction. Primarily, you will want to find out about the zoning laws when buying land. Typically, the land property may fall under various zones such as commercial, residential, and agriculture. Thus the zoning laws can limit your property development goals. The real estate attorney can research and interpret the land zoning laws relating to your property. Also, the lawyer will help you understand whether the property is on leasehold or freehold and how it affects your ownership. Besides, the lawyer can help you navigate through access rights and environmental laws related to a property. 

You can rely on the services of a real estate attorney to streamline the property-purchase process. The attorney will save you time and stress navigating through legal issues to minimize your risks and get your value for money. 


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Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

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