Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

Frequently Asked Questions About Loan Modification Law Services

by Becky Freeman

If you are struggling to pay your mortgage, or have already fallen behind, you may be looking for programs that can help you to keep your home or get current on your payments. A loan modification is one of the most common tools that homeowners use to stay in their homes. Loan modification law services can work with your lender to modify your loan, hopefully finding a way for you to afford to remain in your home. If you have never heard of loan modification law services before, you may have many questions. Here are a few of the questions you may have along with the answers. 

What Are Loan Modification Law Services? 

Loan modification law services are paralegals and lawyers who work with mortgage lenders to modify your existing mortgage. Hiring a lawyer shows a lender that you are serious about modifying your loan. A lawyer can also review the terms of the loan modification and ensure that you understand the new terms and that they work for your situation. 

Do All Lenders Have to Modify Loans?  

A lender is not legally required to modify your home loan. However, during times of financial crisis, state and federal governments have stepped in and offered incentives to lenders who worked with homeowners to defer payments or modify loans. However, while a lender may be under no obligation to modify your loan, it benefits them to do so. Foreclosing on someone is time-consuming and costly. Finding a way to work with you usually makes financial sense for lenders. 

Why Should I Work With a Law Service Versus Doing It Myself? 

If you are looking to modify your loan, you may find yourself wondering if you really need to hire a law service to assist you. While you can attempt to call or write to your mortgage lender and ask them to modify your loan, many lenders may ignore you. When you hire a lawyer, the lender knows that you are serious about modifying your loan and pay closer attention. A lawyer also knows what a lender is more likely to offer, which can help you obtain the best possible modification for your specific needs. 

A loan modification involves modifying your existing mortgage loan. It may include deferring payments, extending the length of the loan, or even changing the interest rate on the loan. All of these things can help you to stay in a home that you are currently struggling to pay for. Unfortunately, many mortgage lenders can be difficult to work with, so hiring a loan modification law service can be beneficial and may increase the chances of a lender modifying your loan. Reach out to a loan modification law service today to learn how to get started. 


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