Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

Tips For Regaining Guardianship Of Your Children

by Becky Freeman

Life can be hard for everyone. Sometimes, dark moments can impact the child custody agreement parents have in place. While seemingly easy to remove a child from a parent's custody, it can seem much more difficult to regain custody. If you find yourself in this position, use these tips for regaining guardianship of your children. 

1. Stay Out of Trouble 

To regain custody of your children, you need to stay out of trouble. In order to do this, you may need to make lifestyle changes, foregoing certain hobbies such as drinking and limiting contact with bad influences. A blip on your record can set you back in terms of custody, so no negative interactions with the law under any circumstances. 

2. Create a Stable Environment 

Children need a place to call home with their guardians. When in your care, you need to have a stable and safe home for them. The home doesn't need to be extravagant, but it does need to have basic necessities. Furthermore, you can't have hazards around the child, such as illegal substances and criminal activity in the vicinity. The children must also have a proper caretaker with them while in your care (depending on the age of the child). 

3. Make an Effort 

You need to show the court that you want to see your children. Make court dates and visitation appointments a priority. It won't look good if you miss numerous appointments. In fact, the court may see it as active defiance, minimizing your guardianship even more. Show up to everything with a professional demeanor to prove your commitment to the courts. A consistent track record can lead to increased time with your children. 

4. Hire Legal Representation

It's not enough to be committed to getting custody of your children — you need to take the proper legal channels to accomplish your goal. Legal matters can get confusing, which is why you need a guardianship attorney to assist you throughout the process. Your lawyer will help you submit paperwork and take the proper steps to make forward movement in the eyes of the law. 

People make mistakes, but everyone has a right to rectify those mistakes. In most cases, it's possible to regain custody of your child if you take the proper steps and get the proper representation. Of course, every case is different. For more information, contact a guardianship lawyer in an area near you.


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