Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

How Is Liability Determined After A Car Accident Involving A Police Pursuit

by Becky Freeman

One day, without warning, you could be suddenly struck by a vehicle traveling at high speed after you have pulled over by the side of the road. If the driver was trying to avoid a police officer when they hit you, it could complicate your personal injury case.

After the Accident

After the accident, the officer in pursuit will likely take the other party into custody. In such a situation, liability will be easy to determine. But this is only sometimes the case. The at-fault driver's insurance provider will try to determine if you also played a role in the accident.


Auto insurance providers do everything they can to reduce the compensation they will pay for your injuries. Therefore, you'll need to work with a motor vehicle accident attorney who will help you gather evidence to prove that you were not at fault and place the blame solely on the other driver.

In an emergency, such as a police pursuit involving another motorist, you must pull over by the side of the road to clear a path for the police to be able to pass through when you see flashing police lights. As long as you obey the rules of the road, you will not be at fault if the other driver strikes your vehicle while trying to evade the police. 

Compensation for Your Injuries

After the accident, determine if you were injured. Even if you don't believe you're injured, you might have worse injuries than you think. Pay attention to how you feel in the coming days, and seek medical attention if you believe you are injured.

You can prove that the other motorist is at fault. In that case, you will be entitled to compensation through their liability insurance if you reside in a state where motorists are required to carry insurance. Your compensation will depend on the damages you have suffered.

The Full Extent of Your Damages

An auto accident attorney can help you determine the damages you have suffered because they will help you identify injuries you might not have considered. In addition to your medical bills, you might need months or even years of physical therapy.

You might need follow-up surgeries. You may also suffer from psychological distress and be entitled to compensation for psychiatric medications or talk therapy. Once you have fully calculated all of your damages, with the help of a motor vehicle accident attorney, you'll be able to seek compensation. 


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