Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

Exploring Civil Case Proceedings

When Are The Times You Should Hire An Inheritance Lawyer? What You Should Know

by Becky Freeman

You have recently lost a loved one and now find yourself having to navigate dealing with their estate. You may be the executor of their will or perhaps you are a beneficiary of their assets. In many cases, the distribution of a loved one's assets among their heirs is a simple case of reading the will and dividing the property between those named to receive it.

In other cases, the estate is more complicated to divide with business assets, multiple homes, and more needing to be distributed between the heirs. In some cases, an inheritance lawyer might be needed to help with the process. Here are some of the times you should hire an inheritance lawyer to help you.  

There Was No Will Left

There are cases when a loved one passes away without creating a will at all. If they owned assets such as a house or a car, and they had funds in a bank account, it can be harder to distribute those assets among their heirs. The estate will be taken over by the state and a judge will work with the executor to distribute the assets how they see fit.

In this instance, it's a good idea to hire an inheritance lawyer to help you and/or the other heirs to file with the courts to receive the assets from your loved one. A lawyer can help you file a claim with the judge and help present all relevant information to help you prove that you would have been included in a will should there have been one.

Disputes About The Will

Another reason you might need to hire an inheritance lawyer is if there is a dispute about the will that can create problems for the distribution of the assets. This dispute could be a potential heir claiming that they were left out of the will entirely, and filing a dispute to claim that they would have been included in the will. They will file a motion with the courts to try to ensure they get their perceived portion of the estate.

It can also be someone claiming that there were problems with the will such as it may not be valid. They may feel the loved one created the will under duress or not in their right mind.

An inheritance lawyer can help you sort through the disputes and help ensure you gain your rightful inheritance.


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